kellyanne conway, the counsellor to US President Donald Trump, appeared on cnn and had something of a meltdown recently. Now, her husband, George Conway, a prolific lawyer who the President once considered appointing to the role of Attorney General, has been tweeting out some pretty angry things about him. So, obviously, the news network’s Dana Bash brought this up in the interview – and Kellyanne freaked out in a pretty major way. Now, the whole thing is being spread across the internet like a wildfire. A lot of people are getting a good kick out of it!

Conway said that CNN showed a ‘double standard’

She called the line of questioning a “double standard,” given that she works for the US government, and people who don’t would not be questioned about their spouses’ political views and how they oppose theirs. But come on, Kellyanne, it is pretty interesting. Conway confessed that she and her husband have to “bite [their] tongue[s]” when it comes to their political opinions.

During her meltdown, Conway told Bash that the question was “meant to harass and embarrass” her and her husband, but Bash insisted that it was simply a journalist pursuing an answer to a burning question. Conway said the definition of marriage means that (and this is not true, by the way) “spouses have a difference of opinion when one is...draining the joint bank account to support things maybe the other disagrees with.” That is how she rationalised it, but that doesn’t sound like an ideal marriage...