Retired four-star Army General Barry McCaffrey is worried about US President Donald Trump. He has tweeted recently to “reluctantly” denounce the country’s current leader. He wrote that Trump poses a “serious threat” to the national security of America, and this guy would know a thing or two about that, since he’s a war veteran – he’s seen those threats up close.

General McCaffrey added that Trump is unfortunately ignoring the call to deal with “active Russian attacks,” and because of that, he’s putting the country at great risk. The war veteran wrote that “for some unknown reason,” the President is falling under the influence of the Russian government, saying that he is “under the sway” of Russian President vladimir putin, who was recently re-elected for a fourth term under typically shady circumstances.

Who is Barry McCaffrey?

Well, aside from being a decorated war veteran, Barry McCaffrey works right now as a war analyst for NBC News. He is also the boss of his own consultancy firm BR McCaffrey Associates, and used to be in charge of the anti-drug commission back in the late 1990s and early 2000s when Bill Clinton was the President. He has three Purple Heart medals for the time he served in Vietnam. Trump, as is a well-known fact, dodged the draft a number of times.