US President Donald Trump has angered the survivors of last week's Florida school shooting by blaming the FBI for focusing too much on their probe into the potential ties between his 2016 Presidential campaign and the dubious Russian government, rather than looking into the reports they received about the shooter Nikolas Cruz and his mental instability and his obsession with firearms.

Trump said that the shooting was "very sad," but added that he was disappointed in the FBI for having "missed all of the many signals" that suggested Cruz would carry out a shooting attack on the school, including direct reports about the guy and his Instagram accounts full of gun-toting selfies.

The President said that the bureau missing the boat on these reports was "not acceptable," but then his statement devolved into self-abetting "collusion" talk.


Trump insisted that "there is no collusion" between his administration and Russia. And he said that the FBI had been "spending too much time trying to prove" that there is that they missed out on the chance to prevent the shooting. The Florida attack's survivors are unhappy with this statement, with one saying that even though 17 people died, it "always has to be about you." One survivor called on the President to "HAVE A DAMN HEART."