US President Donald Trump has announced recently that he’s already working on his re-election campaign for the race in 2020. The current President is the only major candidate for the Republican Party in the election so far (although more will surely follow in the coming months), and only one major candidate has been declared for the Democratic Party, too – John Delaney, the US Representative for the state of Maryland.

Candidates range from Joe Biden to conspiracy theorist Jeff Boss

Plenty of other Democratic Party candidates have announced their plans to run, including Barack Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden (who is beloved by liberals and millennials), conspiracy theorist Jeff Boss (good luck), Harry Braun (who has run for President three separate times before – in 2004, 2012, and 2016), Savannah State University football coach Robby Wells, and Andrew Yang, the former CEO of Venture for America.

Oprah Winfrey has mentioned that she’s interested in running, as has Bernie Sanders (who would’ve won in 2016 if the Democratic Party’s Presidential primary elections weren’t rigged with the superdelegate system and he’d made the candidacy – many voters have said that they only voted for Trump because the other option was Hillary Clinton, and that they would’ve voted if Sanders was in her place on the ballot).