When Michael Wolff first asked for access to the White House in order to write about the inner workings of the Donald Trump administration for his new book “Fire And Fury,” which the White House has been trying to block from publication, the US President accidentally gave him almost unlimited access to the West Wing. The President sort of grumbled a bit about right-wing writer Ed Klein and then let Wolff stay, and this “non-disapproval” that meant that the author could plant himself in the West Wing, “day after day,” soaking up material for his book.

Trump wanting to lose election confirms long-held theory

There’s a long-held theory that was formulated by a lot of people around the time of the 2016 Presidential election debates that Trump was trying to lose. This became a storyline on “South Park” for a few weeks. Based on the way he was talking and the reckless bluntness of his statements, it was believed that there was no way he was actually trying to win.

Well, Wolff’s book has confirmed that he wasn’t. He wanted to lose. By the end of 2016, President or not, Donald Trump was the biggest celebrity in the world. The plan was for him to lose and then go back to the comfortable world of business, away from all that confusing politics malarkey, and monopolise on his newfound celebrity.

He was going to start his own television network, like Oprah Winfrey. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were going to monopolise on their own newfound celebrity, Kellyanne Conway was going to build a career in cable news, and Steve Bannon was going to try for leader of the Tea Party.

Instead, Trump won, their plans went awry, everyone was surprised, and all of these people found themselves in the White House without a clue what to do.