Brendan Cox, the widowed husband of murdered Labour Party MP Jo Cox, posted a message on social media in which he urged people to “talk to loved ones” over the Christmas season, and has been moved by the “outpouring of kindness” that it sparked. This is the second Christmas that he is having to spend without his wife, the mother of his two children, Cuillin and Lejla, after she was killed by an extremist.

The warm response that Brendan Cox’s message was met with has been, in his words, a “lovely reminder” of the fact that “bad shit happens but the world is still full of good people.” Jo Cox was killed by a Britain First extremist just days before the 2016 referendum vote that led to Brexit.

Brendan Cox also retweeted one of his followers, who told him that his wife had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and that “after reading your post, I told her how much I loved her.”

The tweet was posted late on Christmas Eve

The tweet, posted by Brendan Cox late on Christmas Eve night, in which he urged his followers to tell everyone close to you how much they mean to you, quickly gained a massive amount of exposure and popularity, with over 12,000 retweets and 31,000 likes. One follower called it a “timely reminder” of an important message.