Prince Harry has conducted Barack Obama’s first ever public interview since leaving the office of President of the United States after eight years and two terms on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme. One of the main topics discussed was life after leaving the Oval Office and how that kind of transition affects you personally. Obama said that his very first thought upon leaving office was that of gratefulness towards his wife Michelle’s support through the whole Presidency.

Obama said that the former First Lady was his “partner through the whole process,” describing her as “spectacular, funny, and warm.” He said that she is not “naturally inclined to politics,” and that despite this, she was “as good a First Lady as [there has] ever been,” doing so “largely in support” of his own ambitions.

Barack on Michelle: ‘We are still each other’s best friends’

Obama said that he and Michelle felt “a sense of completion” at the end of his Presidency, since they came out of eight hectic years with a “strong” relationship left “intact” and remained “each other’s best friends” throughout the whole thing, with two daughters blossoming into “amazing young women.” He said that they have both stayed “whole and fundamentally unchanged,” despite the toll a Presidency takes on your life, so on the whole, that has to count as a success.