The Brexit Secretary David Davis has just dropped a massive hint that the government of the United Kingdom is ready to WALK AWAY from Brexit talks if there is no progress made on a trade deal by December.

He made these comments at a 'Deal Or No Deal' conference in Westminster, and his remarks will be music to the ears of many Brits who are getting fed up with the European Union's team of negotiators using every trick in the book to try and slow down the process.

Key points from his remarks

“The department I run, Dexeu, isn’t called the Department for ‘getting a deal come what may’, it is called the Department for Exiting the European Union and whatever happens we are leaving the European Union on the instructions of the British people.”

“That includes the ability to negotiate and sign free trade deals so they can be enacted once that transition period is over.”

“The financial settlement (divorce bill) depends on it because nothing can be agreed until everything is agreed.”

“We are ready to agree that conversation about the future relationship as soon as the European Union is ready.”

From these comments, it is clear that he shares the frustrations of many Brexiteers who feel that enough is enough.

It is also very relevant to point out that 'no deal' is very much a two-way scenario.

It means that there would indeed be no money whatsoever for the European Union - not £90bn, not £60bn, not £40bn.

Not a single penny!

From their point of view, a 'no deal Brexit' would be a financial disaster on their part as it would give them no immediate means of plugging the huge financial black hole that will be created when we leave.

German ministers have already expressed concerns about how the shortfall will be made up as their nation is already top of the list in terms of contributors, and therefore 'no deal' would hit them harder than anybody else.

This means that Angela Merkel will be very keen for a deal to be done, and it is surely only a matter of time before Brussels starts to soften its tone.

Remember when Nigel Farage stood up and said that a Brexit without a deal would be a lot worse for the EU than it would be for us?

That comment was basically foreseeing a situation like this!

You can view that momentous speech again below - to be fair I never get tired of watching it because of the sheer number of home truths that are delivered.

'Funny isn't it?' Perhaps all of the jeers from the audience had a lot to do with the fear of this 'no money' situation!