The disgraced Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam has been exposed for a past record he once produced with his former band that expressed its desire to abuse women.

Blasting News has discovered this revelation from the Social Democrat Party's (SDP) website during the 2017 General Election, which stated Jared O'Mara's former band, Dirty Rotten Troubadours, wrote tracks which included "I Wish I Were A Misogynist", a song which expresses the then Labour candidate's fantasies of hitting women.

Steve Winstone, the SDP candidate for Sheffield Hallam during this year's general election, wrote on his party's website at the time that he was "really shocked and stunned" to learn about Mr.

O'Mara's attitude to women.

"It is totally unacceptable"

Mr. Winstone also attended a Women's Equality Hustings Party hustings in June to highlight the issue of domestic violence towards women in Sheffield. He also collaborated with them to create a "Safer Streets Campaign." The SDP candidate said at the time "it is totally unacceptable" and that "he is appalled" by Mr. O'Mara's behaviour.

Blasting News approached Mr. O'Mara's Westminster office for comment, to which they replied: "The Labour Party has now made a statement that there is to be an investigation into the conduct of Jared O'Mara MP relating to alleged recent comments. Pending the outcome of this investigation, Jared will not be giving any interviews or making any further comment."

"The Tories' policies amounted to eugenics"

Earlier this year, iNews reported the Sheffield Hallam MP also made comments on the Conservative Government's policies towards the disabled, which he claims were based on his own experience of suffering from cerebral palsy.

He told iNews reporter Richard Blackledge the Tories' policies amounted to "eugenics", or "controlled breeding". According to iNews, he maintained that the statement was not melodramatic, adding: "The statistics have been buried. These are people who have been suffering and dying because of Tory policies, with the Liberal Democrats too before that, but you don't hear these voices in the mainstream media."

Despite recent reports into his history of abusive comments towards women, the Labour MP has previously called for a 50/50 gender balance, urging more transgenders, youngsters and people with learning difficulties to join Parliament.

Mr. O'Mara has had the Labour whip withdrawn from him and has been suspended from the Labour Party until his history making homophobic and misogynistic comments has been fully investigated. Many MPs have welcomed this decision since.

At Prime Minister's Questions yesterday, Theresa May said everyone in the House of Commons should have due care and attention to the way in which MPs should refer to other people and should show women in public life respect.

The Sheffield Hallam MP has apologised for comments made in between 2002 and 2004, but denies some more recent claims.

Labour originally refused to suspend Mr. O'Mara while these accusations were being investigated. A Labour spokesperson told The Guardian Jeremy Corbyn decided to act when more remarks came to light.

"He was very brave"

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell defended his colleagues to the BBC who publicly protected Mr. O'Mara because they made their judgements based on the information they had available to them, including Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner, who said he was very brave for admitting his past remarks were wrong.

Mr. O'Mara resigned from the Women and Equalities Committee on Monday after abusive comments he made towards women online as a younger man were discovered by Guido Fawkes.

Mr. O'Mara was elected as the MP for Sheffield Hallam this June after unexpectedly defeating former deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Labour Party Marxists reported he was the first Momentum activist in the organisation's history to become an MP and that his victory would not have been possible without the help of the pro-Corbyn group.