This week has been a reminder that our freedoms are to be enjoyed but not exploited. This week in the UK has seen a significant increase in far-right activity, including Nigel Farage going over to Germany to speak at an event held by the far-right Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party. Meanwhile in the UK, Theresa May was accused of attempting to rig parliament and Jacob Rees-Mogg is favourited to become next Conservative leader, both are dangerous and highlight the growing far-right in the UK.

Meanwhile the Americas have been hit by 3 hurricanes this week, Irma (category 5), Katia (category 1) and Jose.

The damage is on an unprecedented scale and Irma is due to hit Florida today and will be worst to hit them in history.

Rise of the far-right

There is still a deep and worryingly denial that the far-right are gaining momentum in the UK and the calls on them by supposed liberals to allow them space to speak because of freedom of speech underlines the moral quandary for many people. Free speech is key for any liberal democracy but allowing hate speech is also against the law, the question every individual must ask themselves "what if it was a Muslim preaching this?" because an ISIL supporting hate preacher would say the similar things to those on the far-right.

Nigel Farage addressed an event held by the far-right party AfD, the founder is the grand-daughter of Hitler's finance minister, a Nazi.

The group are anti-immigration and hold views that are like those of the Nazi party, however, they dress up their ideals so that they don't get labelled a fascist party. But they are fascist and Nigel Farage told them to "speak the unspeakable", which means they should be fascist and proud of this.

Meanwhile 5 men were arrested on charges to belonging to the UK neo-Nazi terrorist organisation, National Action.

The men in question are serving officers in the army, one of which was arrested in Cyprus in a base that is used as an operations centre for combatting ISIL territories in Syria. The news of this has scarcely been reported by the UK media, with the Guardian being one of the few to report it. The likes of the Daily Mail, The Sun, Express etc.

have not mentioned the story, but that's hardly surprising when they have a fascist history.

Theresa May has been accused of rigging Parliament to defy the result of the general election and give Tory MPs majority control over all legislation. Andrea Leadsom tables a motion that would give the Conservatives a majority on every standing committee that are the powerhouse to all prospective laws. This would give them the power to dominate every bill until 2022 despite losing their majority in the House of Commons. This would give them the power to control legislation without the DUP. This is a step towards the strip down of democracy and the rights of the people

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the fascist Traditional Britain Group

Jacob Rees-Mogg is touted to take over as Conservative party leader after Theresa May and this poses a threat to society.

He is a traditional conservative and promotes the reinstatement of traditional conservative values on society. He has categorically stated that he is against abortion and same-sex marriage, but perhaps the less reported but more deeply worrying aspect is that he was the speaker at the annual dinner held by the Traditional Britain Group in 2013. He was warned by Searchlight, an anti-fascist publication, of their Politics but ignored it and only chose to distance himself after he was found out.

The group defines what it believes in on their website and they say, "we believe in the obligation of labour and the rolling back of the welfare state." Basically, NHS privatisation, no help for the working poor, disabled etc.

plus, the strip down of workers' rights. Furthermore, they say, "we are opposed to communism, to socialism, to liberalism and to anarchism." Finally, they believe in the forced repatriation of black people to their 'homelands', individuals that would include people like Stormzy, Akala, Mo Farah etc. because this isn't 'their country. Jacob Rees-Mogg has no care for society, environmental protections or ordinary people, he is a danger and supports fascist ideology.

Hurricane Irma, Katia and Jose

The Atlantic has taken a bettering this week with hurricane Irma set to hit Florida today in what will be the worst in their history. Entire nations have been almost destroyed including British territory Anguilla, which has had 95 percent of its infrastructure destroyed.

The three powerful storms that have caused havoc, Irma, which is category 5, underline our growing need to combat climate change. These storms are a direct result in consumption and the damage caused by humans on this planet.