Hurricane Harvey, since renamed as Tropical Storm Harvey as it’s gotten stronger and the situation has worsened, continues to ravage the south east of Texas and the south of Louisiana. Gale-force winds and heavy rainfall is not letting up in the area, and according to some meteorological experts, the “worst might be yet to come.”

At least nine people have died already

Days before Hurricane Harvey hit last Friday, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to eradicate the flood protection laws put in place by his predecessor Barack Obama, and of course, he had a selfish ulterior motive behind it with one of his right-wing, climate change-disregarding policies.

Since then, at least nine people have been killed by the storm, including a family of six.

The Associated Press have release a report stating that the “worst might be yet to come.” Almost two more feet of rainfall is forecasted for the next few hours, and in some place, it’s expected to reach as high as 50 inches. The Associated Press reported that the local “authorities” are “worried the worst might be yet to come.” One expert has said that the sheer amount of rain seen by Hurricane Harvey “would normally be seen only once in more than 1,000 years.”