Angry redneck rallies are where US President Donald Trump belongs. He had to smarten it up at Fort Myer when he was talking to his troops about the future US military strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, but then he went straight to rally in Phoenix, Arizona full of angry redneck Trump supporters, and he was back in his element.

There were thousands and people there to listen to him brainwash them with authoritarian rhetoric, holding signs that said, “Drain the swamp,” and “Make America strong again,” and the dumbest of all, “Women for Trump.” He literally threw meat into the crowd to get them going.

He was there to condemn the press for their coverage of Charlottesville, saying they misrepresented his statements.

Trump re-read his Charlottesville statements

So, as Hitler would do, Trump re-read his statements from Charlottesville to show his audience how the media had twisted his words. He started with his whole bit about condemning the hate and bigotry and violence, but then he left out the key part, “on many sides.” When he actually said it, and there is video proof of this so it’s not the “dishonest fake news media,” he said “on many sides” twice, meaning he condemns the white supremacists and also the people who were fighting racism and got killed for it. Trump blatantly lied to his audience and they’re all too stupid to realise it. This is where dictators come from.