US President Donald Trump has given a speech in Virginia to announce his expansion of the United States military intervention in Afghanistan. He originally planned to “pull out” because he’s sick of helping other countries to get through their struggles (but for God’s sake, they’re struggles that America created in the first place – thanks, George Bush!).

Trump said, “Our support is not a blank cheque.” But apparently it is for him, as the taxpayers have spent a reported $60,000 on Trump’s golf cart rentals alone. He’s a very selfish individual.

He added, “Our patience is not unlimited. We will keep our eyes wide open.” He also mentioned that he wants to pressure india to help more in the conflict, while failing to mention China, who have become a huge part of the Afghani conflict.

Experts say India joining Afghan conflict would encourage Pakistani action

The Donald has a lot of interest in China – he’s supposedly good friends with its President Xi Jinping, and a lot of his products are manufactured there (despite his shamelessly hypocritical “America First” policy). Political pundits (analysts, ex-officials etc.) are worried about Trump’s invitation to India, because they fear that pakistan would use it to justify their continued support of militants in Afghanistan.

Therefore, Trump is vicariously supporting the very terrorists he’s trying to quash with his dumb new strategy. The pundits are claiming that this shows that Trump doesn’t understand the situation at all, and he’s only going to exacerbate it, because there’s huge chunks of information that just aren’t in his brain, and that’s dangerous.

One of the main critics of Trump’s invitation to India to join the Afghanistan conflict in a larger role is Josh Rovner, who works as an associate professor at the School of International Service at American University. He called the invitation “puzzling,” and confirmed fears that it “may encourage Pakistan to invest more in armed groups.” Basically, as long as Trump is in charge, everything is f*cked.