The General Election has resulted in a hung Parliament, and things are heating up as Theresa May’s desperate bid to remain Prime Minister through the Brexit process is leading her to make a deal with the DUP that will gain her 10 more seats towards the majority vote. May doesn’t yet have the UK government and Jeremy Corbyn’s appealing policies have given the Labour Party a huge push with many more seats than they’ve had previously.

As the general election result came in, the Twitterati and the showbiz world reacted via Twitter with some mixed responses.

Some were optimistic about the future as our country hangs in the balance, and some praised young people for finally bothering themselves to vote, as this year, voting by 18-24-year-olds doubled.

‘Most enjoyable election night since 1997’

Political satirist Chris Addison called last night the “most enjoyable election night since 1997.” Jake Humphrey made some excellent points for a sports presenter. He said, “Fascinating. Papers so out-of-step with public opinion. An election driven by social media & people thinking, not being told what to think.”

Gary Lineker said that while he first assumed last night to be “the most pointless general election in history,” it might show itself later to be “the most extraordinary.” Riz Ahmed, star of “Four Lions” and outspoken critic of being typecast based on race, spoke out in favour of Jeremy Corbyn, saying, “Big up Jezza for reviving so many ppls hope in politics.

If Labour was united behind Corbyn this past year he coulda won this outright!” The official Twitter account of “Have I Got News For You” said that Theresa May is “facing a hard breakfast” this morning.