Yesterday, the Labour Party released their manifesto, outlining their plans for a Labour government if they’re elected on 8 June, paired with a separate document listing how much all of their proposals are going to cost and where they’re going to get the money for them.

The Conservatives launched yet another smear campaign against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claiming to have found nine instances of proposals where no plans for funding have been provided, but it turned out that only two of these really had any weight to them. Anyway, the Labour Party has now responded to the smear campaign.

The response came on Twitter

The Labour Press Team tweeted that Conservatives Theresa May and Philip Hammond “need a serious lesson on the difference between capital and revenue spending.” This is a response of one of the Tories’ claims that Corbyn’s nationalisation plans aren’t funded; but these aren’t a case of government spending, it’s a business investment, so they’re wrong. The Press Team also called Hammond’s “analysis” of their spending plan “utterly flawed,” as he “confuses capital & revenue spending, undermining the whole exercise.” They also said that “working families” will be “set to be ave of £1,400 a yr worse off by 2020” thanks to the Conservatives, and that the Tories were “clearly rattled by Labour’s fully funded spending commitments,” since they have “no costed plans of their own.”