Last night, shortly after Ariana Grande left the stage following a performance at the Manchester Arena, an improvised explosives device was detonated by a suicide bomber who died in the blast, taking 22 people with him, including an 8-year-old girl. Now, Islamic State extremist group ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack.

59 people were injured in the attack

A further 59 people were injured on top of the 22 confirmed fatalities. British Prime Minister Theresa May, who along with the other political party leaders has halted campaigning for the upcoming 8 June general election for national mourning and respect for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack, called the incident a “callous attack carried out with cold calculation,” and said that British intelligence agencies have a pretty good idea of who’s behind it.

Meanwhile, parents are desperately searching for their children, who are still missing on the streets of Manchester after the chaos of last night’s MEN Arena gig. Local police have placed a 23-year-old male suspect in South Manchester under arrest. This attack is being called the worst terrorist attack on Britain since July 2005 (aka the 7/7 bombings). The Queen has also condemned the attack, calling it an “act of barbarity.” The hashtag #RoomForManchester is trending as strangers are kindly opening up their homes to victims of the attack who are seeking shelter. With any new information about missing persons or to find out anything new, call 0800 096 0095.