Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party and candidate for Prime Minister in the upcoming 8 June general election, released his party’s manifesto today, and there’s a lot of good things about it. He appeared in Bradford today for the launch, and here’s what his supporters had to say at the event.

The Labour supporters at the Bradford manifesto launch were locals

Victoria Jenkins, a local charity worker from Bradford, was enthralled by Corbyn at the event, calling it a historical event she was lucky enough to witness. She couldn’t believe that anyone could stand were she was stood and “not support what was said by Jeremy Corbyn today on that stage.” She added that she felt “very privileged to be one of the few people attending” and a sense of great excitement about “the changes that could come” based on what Corbyn had pledged with his speech and with the manifesto.

Jenkins said that while she voted for Ed Miliband, she never truly believed in him or felt a real passion for what he was saying, but she certainly gets that from Jeremy Corbyn.

Usually political parties’ manifestos are met with the light flutter of polite applause. But when Corbyn released his and then stormed the stage at Bradford, he was met with cheers and ‘woos,’ signifying a real faith that Labour supporters have in him as a leader. Alison Richards, 71, a retired public sector worker, is thrilled by Corbyn’s plans to take billions from the rich to give to the underpaid public sector workers. She called Labour’s new manifesto a document containing “what some of us have been wanting for a while.” All good stuff.