There have been many who have called for Donald Trump to be impeached. But as we proceed, the following questions need to be considered. What is impeachment? Why do people want to see him be impeached? But will it actually happen?

What is impeachment?

As stated on the India Today website, the United States (US) Constitution defines impeachment as "the method for removing the president, vice president, federal judges, and other federal officials from office". But how does a president get impeached? It is important to note that the impeachment process is not simple.

The procedure begins in the House of Representatives, where the House Judiciary holds hearings. Here the articles of impeachment (against the said president) are presented. If the articles are approved by a majority in the committee, the House then debates the issue. The House then votes and if found in favour, the (said) president will face a trial in the Senate. Further on from this, is at least two-thirds vote in favour of impeachment, the president is removed from office. It is important to note that up until now only two presidents have faced "impeachment trials"; they are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, but were both acquitted.

Why do so many want to see it happen?

There are many, particularly Democrats, who believe that Trump exceeded his "constitutional authority" with the temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

One of these was Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro, a Democrat serving in the House of Representatives. He stated, as reported in the Independent newspaper, that "if President Trump ordered CBP (Customs and Border Protection) to ignore a judicial order he should be censured as a warning. If he does it again Congress should remove him".

But what is interesting it that there are others who believe that Trump should be removed from office, based on other grounds. The Counter Punch website has noted that action should be taken against Trump because he has violated two clauses in the US Constitution; one which forbids any gifts or benefits from foreign governments; the second forbidding the same from the US government.

Trump has allegedly done both.

Will impeachment actually happen?

There are those who think that he will, particularly an expert in American politics (who was not named), who stated that it is "highly likely" that Trump will face impeachment within 18 months of taking office. However, although one cannot tell what will happen in the future, right now it seems highly unlikely, primarily because his Republican Party are in control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.