President Donald Trump has broken his silence with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, who also enforced a Muslim ban on his country, and sent him a letter asking to build a stronger and more “constructive” relationship between the US and China. Xi’s all for it, and the political forces in all corners of the world are worrying about the new relationship.

Philippine defence minister: Trump and Xi’s friendship is ‘very troubling’

The Philippine defence minister has spoken out about his worries over the tensions between the US and China. His biggest concern is that Manilla will be brought into some kind of skirmish with the countries.

He says that some of the quotes he’s read from what Trump’s advisers have said about the relationship between the US and China are “very troubling,” and reminds us that of late, there have been no indications of Chinese reclamation action in the South China Sea.

Meanwhile, CNBC have brought up the very valid point that a friendly relationship between the US and China is all well and good, and it’s lovely that Washington DC and Beijing are exchanging kind words, but they’ll hit a bit of a snag in the friendship when the US nuclear weapons policy comes up, since it’s the policy that’s putting a strain on China’s own nuclear missile policy.