The Sun newspaper is well-known for its spin, lies, and fearmongering of issues that affect the nation. They have removed topless models from page-3, mostly down to nationwide outcry and rightly so. A series of online petitions against the newspaper have been set-up and outlets across Liverpool refuse to either sell it altogether or have it on show with other newspapers.

PlusNet have today also stopped advertising on The Sun’s website after backlash from an advert placed on their website. Led by campaign Stop Funding Hate who tweeted:

Liverpool FC ban The Sun altogether

The Sun’s coverage of the hillsborough disaster was distasteful at best, it was hateful, spiteful, prejudice and disgusting.

The Hillsborough disaster was when Liverpool faced Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup, 96 fans were crushed to death following failings of South Yorkshire police to control the crowd flow into the stadium. The Sun ran the headline ‘The Truth’ which claimed from unnamed sources that fans pick-pocketed victims, urinated on ‘brave’ cops and even claimed they beat up a police officer when he was performing the ‘kiss of life’.

After 27-years of legal battles, led by the families of those who died, the accusations have since been proved false and a jury in April last year found that they had been unlawfully killed. After the verdict both The Sun and The Times failed to run stories on the verdict. The original article was published 4 days after the disaster, shortly after 96th victim Tony Bland had his life-support switched off following irreversible brain damage.

According to a report in the Independent, following consultation from the families who spent these past 27 years forcing the truth and getting justice. Liverpool FC directors have decided to ban The Sun newspaper from attending matches at Anfield, this means that all press accreditations from The Sun journalists will be denied entry on match day, across all competitions.

Plus, they will also be denied interview access to the players and manager Jürgen Klopp.

Stop Funding Hate campaign

Campaign’s such as Stop Funding Hate, put pressure on businesses to withdraw advertising from major media outlets who have been found to lie and spread mistruths, to sell more copies without thinking or caring of the consequences of their actions.

Recently, Lego withdrew advertising with The Daily Mail following public pressure, with many hoping more will follow suit. Hoping it’ll cause media outlets to rethink their news coverage tactics if revenue is cut severely enough.