In a TV interview for PBS, the republican presidential biographer, Michael D´Antonio declared Donald Trump´s father taught him that the wealth of the Trump family originated from their generic descent and that the family has adhered to a racehorse theory of human improvement, which makes them believe that they are exceptional and that when the genes of superior male and female humans are combined, a superior human being is born.

Donald Trump is pro-eugenics

In several instances Donald Trump is seen to be pro-eugenics when he declares that he has a very high aptitude and that he believes in the gene thing.

In another clip, he says that he thinks he was born with the drive to success because of a certain gene he posses. He also declares that he is a gene believer and that when you connect two race horses, the result is usually a fast horse.

Eugenics 'good race'

The concept aims at improving the genetic quality of the human race. The principles of eugenics have been known to exist as far back as ancient Greece; however, the modern avocation of eugenics began in the 19th century and spread throughout most European countries and the US and Canada, with policies intending to improve the genetic stock of their countries in which the individuals considered apt were encouraged to reproduced as opposed to those considered unfit which underwent sterilization.

Utopic ideal

While eugenics intends to create better humans, it has also created some of the most controversial differences of opinions in the medical world. The holocaust was based on the idea of eugenics or racial hierarchy. The result was that 11 million people were killed. The idea of creating a better world where the most fitted humans reign seems like the utopic ideal for a world that is depredating due to the action of the same humans

Donald Trump against stupid country leaders

Donald Trump has made himself stand out due to his direct declarations during his presidential campaign, one of them declaring that he can solve the problems of that have permeated policy makers with ease due that he is a smart guy. During one speech in 2005, he stated that people are fed up with incompetence, stupid people and stupid leaders.