The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers from his position as the U.K's ambassador to the European Union is an indictment of Theresa May and her government's Brexit proposals. Sir Rogers was held in esteem by many of his colleagues as someone that possessed the required experience for the tumultuous negotiations to help navigate Britain's exit from the European Union over the next couple of years.

Theresa May

In resigning, Sir Rogers has dealt a further blow to Theresa May's hitherto unsubstantial Brexit plans. Rogers, who had intended to leave his post in November 2017,is a crucial loss ahead of important general elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Having worked closely with both the political behemoths of Westminster and Brussels, Rogers was scheduled to be an integral part of negotiations. Ken Clarke, whom Rogers worked with in the Treasury, characterised his former colleague as an "excellent British diplomat that will be missed in Brexit negotiations".

However, the Ambassador faced mounting pressure from staunch Brexiteers for his cautious approach. Although Theresa May consulted Rogers, their relationship has reportedly deteriorated over the past couple of months due to his claims that it could potentially take Britain over ten years to ratify a trade deal with the European Union. Last month, the Daily Mail reported that "the knives were out for Rogers".

Hard Brexit?

The surprise departure of Rogers is an indication that Britain is heading for what has been described as a "hard Brexit" by various politicians. Further, the departure of Rogers-a politician considered to be on good terms with Brussels- burns yet more bridges with Europe. A former Treasury chief tweeted that Rogers departure is a "wilful destruction of EU expertise".

Rogers departure has inspired an outpouring of accusations from remain supporters, who have argued that his resignation is suggestive pro remain politicians are being pressured out of their jobs for not agreeing with hard Brexiteers.

Nigel Farage, a spearhead of the Brexit campaign, said: "More politicians should follow in Rogers footsteps. This is a crucial moment in British history and it is of paramount importance that we have pro-Brexit politicians in positions of power".