With all the furore about President Donald Trump and his xenophobic policies against Muslims, as he’s been banning people from certain countries from the United States, it can quickly be forgotten that America isn’t the only country with cultural divides. But last night’s terrorist shooting at a mosque in Quebec City serves as a reminder that Canada is just as divided.

Canada accepting Syrian refugees

Canada is one of the few Western nations opening its doors to thousands of Syrian refugees the way Germany has been. Canadian families have taken refugees into their homes and made them feel at home and comfortable after the traumas they’ve been through.

But not all Canadians are like that, as a couple of them went into a mosque in Quebec and shot dead six Muslims.

Just like other Western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, there’s a huge political divide in Canada between those who identify as liberal and those who identify as conservative, with some blurred lines in between. This leads to tensions, and eventually leads to terrorist attacks. The sad thing is that this will always be the case.