Almost 100 anti-Donald Trump protesters were arrested after they smashed windows, cars and threw rocks at police during Trump's inauguration ceremony, despite the president's pledge for unity. Two Washington DC police officers were injured during the destructive Protests. Washington DC Fire Spokesman Vito Maggiolo said that the injuries sustained by the members of the police department were not life-threatening.

Vandalism only in 'isolated incidents'

After Trump was sworn in to become the 45th president of the United States, protesters threw rocks and bottles at nearby police.The police had prepared for such an eventuality, wearing riot gear and using smoke and flash-bang devices to disperse the crowd of protesters.

Peter Newsham, Acting Washington DC Police Chief, said: "There were several hundred protesters around the area. Many demonstrated peacefully but some turned to gratuitous acts of destruction. These people were not representative of the larger crowd of demonstrators. These were isolated incidents".

In a statement released at 14:00 EST, Washington DC police said: "A group of demonstrators damaged a group of vehicles, property and multiple businesses. Further, small groups ignited fires whilst armed with hammers. These people clearly had the intention of causing mayhem. Pepper spray, smoke and flash-bang devices were deployed in order to both control and deter the criminals".

'Trump should not be normalised'

Lysander Powell, a twenty year old from Mexico and one of the demonstrators said: "Donald Trump is a fascist. It is very easy for people in pain to slip into fascism. Donald Trump should not be normalised." Jed Holtz, leader of a group of pro-immigration protesters, stated, "We're here to protest against all the hateful words that Trump spouted during his campaign".

While Trump was being sworn in, around ten demonstrators stood up from behind the VIP area and recited the beginning of the U.S. constitution. Washington DC wasn't the only place to witness anti-Trump protests. London, Hong Kong, New York and Berlin saw demonstrators march against the new president of the United States.