A teenage girl who went missing has been found dead down a footpath in Rotherham. Whilst it is a tragic incident, we must ask the questions as to why somebody would do such a thing and how we stop such attacks in the future?

Background information

The teenager, named as Leonne Weeks, "had gone to meet someone" the Sun newspaper reported, before her body was discovered. An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering Weeks. However, what is of most concern is that the death is being treated as "suspicious" due to "concerns about the state of the body and injuries", the Guardian reported.

Why do such a thing?

What really needs to be addressed is why anybody would do such a thing to somebody else? There are some who would claim that the culprit is inherently evil and simply wants to cause harm to others. But I disagree. Nobody is born evil. What I believe is the case is that certain negative experiences and problems faced in their past contributes significantly to why they wish to cause harm. Whether that be being bullied at school, an abusive father or simply dissatisfaction with life, there is always a reason and always a past. The problem is, is that those affected by something such as murder cannot see it and do not wish to consider such a justification. They have been caused immense pain and want retribution as a result.

But applying understanding to the problems that the culprit may have faced is just as important as dealing with the family of the victims. The goal for a society is to ensure the safety of those within it and it is because of this that I feel great appreciation needs to be applied to the one who commits the crime.

How to prevent such attacks in the future?

As a result of this, the question remains how do we prevent such attacks in the future? Of course in the short term prison may be the best bet. But in the long term I do not believe that such action on its own is effective enough. We need to understand and help the culprit. We must help him/her change, to see their errors and to become better people again.

That is the only true way, I believe, towards securing a safe and secure society.

There is of course evil in the world, but if we deal with those who commit evil in the correct manner, positive change may well occur going forwards.