President Donald Trump bragged to the media about a "beautiful Letter" which had been left in the Oval Office by departing President Barack Obama. However, the new President of the United States has refused to release details of the letter. In front of media, Trump said: 'I just went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter from Barack Obama'.

Keeping it private

After the swearing in ceremony for Trump's senior staff members, the President brandished the letter addressed to Mr President. 'It is really great that President Obama left me this letter.

I will cherish it and I wont ever tell the media about the contents of the letter,' Trump exclaimed.

Historically, the departing president has left a personalised letter to the incoming president. On Friday, George W Bush's letter addressed to Barack Obama was published in the National Archives. 'Congratulations on becoming our new President. Few people in the world have had the honour of knowing how you feel at this very moment. Few have faced the excitement of the challenges that are ahead. You have started an amazing chapter in your life,' Bush told Obama.

Trump, after putting the letter firmly away in his breast pocket, stated: 'We will tell the media that we have had a very interesting couple of days.

We have arranged a meeting with the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, Theresa May. She will be flying out to Washington DC late next week to discuss issues of trade and terrorism. Furthermore, we have arranged meetings with the presidents of Canada and Mexico-those will occur after we have met Theresa May'.

A peaceful passover of power

During Trump's election campaign, he vehemently criticised a number of policies introduced by President Obama and was major proponent of the conspiracy theory that stated Obama was not born in the United States-a legal requirement of all presidents of the United States. Despite these erroneous claims, Obama proved incredibly welcoming of the incoming President as power was handed over peacefully.