Alex Jones, the face of alternative media company Infowars and notorious conspiracy theorist, has claimed that he has been issued a White House press pass from the Trump administration. Many political commentators have cited Alex Jones, a self styled anti-establishment figure that drank champagne when Trump was elected, and InfoWars had a profound influence on the result of the presidential election.

'Devolving power'

‘Here’s the deal. I get a White House press pass. We’ve all be offered them [the team at Infowars]. We’re devolving in a good way by taking power from central media organisations and giving it back to the people,’ Jones said on a recent edition of Infowars.

Throughout Trump’s campaign, Jones was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest critics. On numerous occasions, Jones described the Democratic candidate as a ‘reptillian’, ‘part of the establishment’, accused her of having ties with Vladimir Putin, and even gave credence to the erroneous paedophile ring story.

A long relationship with the President

President Donald Trump and Alex Jones have a relationship that stretches back a number of years. Although Jones has claimed that the Oklahoma bombings, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings were all perpetrated by the government to infringe on individual rights, the President has appeared on Jones’ show on several occasions.

On one occasion, Trump stated that: ‘Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you or the American people down’.

Perhaps unwittingly, Trump espouses many of Jones’ political beliefs. Currently, Trump is claiming that he would have won the popular vote if it wasn’t for fraudulent voting by illegal immigrants- a theory that has its roots with Alex Jones and Inforwars.

Jones has railed against mainstream media for years. Recently, Jones described CNN as ‘fake’ before stating that he would never ‘provide our [Infowars] audience with any fake news… we report the truth’.

The White House deputy press secretary told Buzzfeed news that Alex Jones and Infowars had not been given press credentials for the White House.