The first Presidential press conference of his administration had some people wondering who was speaking - President trump was restrained, calm, polite, careful, diplomatic, and above all presidential throughout the entire session.


Prime Minister Theresa May (Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Maidenhead) had apparently spoken with President Trump about how important the NATO organisation was and is to the United Kingdom and Western Europe because when they spoke to the press after their meeting the Prime Minister deliberately turned to the US President and asked him to confirm that he agreed with her about the importance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization saying it had his support 100%.

Trump still believes in torture but..

President Trump repeated his long held belief that the use of torture is appropriate when dealing with terrorists and that he believed it was effective. If the US engages in torture of prisoners it would constitute a war crime according to many experts and it would directly violate the laws of many countries including the United Kingdom, making it impossible for them to continue sharing intelligence with the US.

But the President assured those present and the rest of the world that although he believed in the efficacy of torture, his newly appointed Secretary of Defense, retired general James Mattis, strongly disagreed and since he was the expert President Trump would defer to Secretary Mattis on the question of torture - in other words, while maintaining his position on torture, he has seeded that decision to the second most powerful individual as regards to the military, a man who strongly believes that torture is ineffective, wrong, a crime, and that he would never approve its use.

PM May

The Prime Minister was diplomatic and forceful while standing next to the most powerful person on earth and was clearly ready to take charge on certain topics. She got what she needed, a strong statement of support from President Trump for the special relationship between the US and the UK; a guarantee that the US would not engage in torture; support for a new bilateral trade agreement between the two countries to be discussed after the UK was officially separated from the European Union and legally able to enter into other trade agreements without prior approval from Brussels.

Both heads of state appeared comfortable with each other and, for once, with the press as well. When the PM picked a reporter to ask a question in the traditional alternating pattern and that reporter asked President Trump some highly pointed questions which he clearly did not like, he turned to Prime Minister May and said “This was your choice of questioner?

That's the end of that relationship.” Everyone in the room laughed and it was clearly meant and taken as a joke.

Perhaps this was his plan all along for press conferences in the Trump White House. Maybe his aides convinced him that he was being too contentious. Or, perhaps the daughter of a vicar had an ameliorating influence on him because the President Trump we saw in this appearance was totally different from what we are used to seeing.

Just a few hours before their meeting in Washington, “The Sun” said that they were “The Odd Couple” and “couldn’t be more different,” it is beginning to look as if the two might build a special relationship akin to that powerful and productive relationship between PM Thatcher and President Reagan.

Meanwhile at the UN

In her first statement at the international organization Trump's newly appointed ambassador to the United Nation, Nikki Haley, startled many people by bluntly putting forth her goals of enhancing the things that are working and doing away with those things which don’t work.

Ambassador Haley told UN members, “Our goal with the administration is to show value at the UN," we’ll show our strength, and have the backs of our allies and vice versa. “For those that don’t have our back we’re taking names,” and will respond, Haley said.