Just a few hours after Republican President Donald Trump spoke at the Republican Party leadership conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the home of U.S. democracy, British Prime Minister Theresa May took the same podium to speak to those attending the Republican Party leader's retreat.

In her address, she talked about shared conservative values and what the United States and the United Kingdom had done together to create the modern world we live in.

Although they did not meet today in Philadelphia, this is the first state visit and involves formal protocols.

Prime Minister May came to the US to meet with the new President and she is scheduled to meet with President Trump tomorrow at The White House.

But the PM wasn't going entirely easy on the Trump Administration because she talked about a number of international organizations which President Trump has severely criticized and gently reminded him that between them the UK and US had helped create many of these and they had changed the world we live in.

UN World Bank, and more

Saying the United Nations was “in need of reform but still vital,” Prime Minister May reminded listeners and TV viewers on CNN that the basis of the UN Charter was written jointly by PM Churchill and President Roosevelt. The Prime Minister also pointed out to the cheering crowd that the founding charter was signed in Washington, D.C.

The United Nations is based in New York City.

Prime Minister May went on to tell the Republican Party Leaders the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom was responsible for the creation of The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The United States and the United Kingdom working together were vital movers in the creation of the European defense organization, NATO, which was formed so the US did not have to take the entire burden of defending with the recently freed countries in Western Europe as well as Great Britain from the U.S.S.R.'s aggression which quickly ate up Eastern Europe in the immediate wake of WWII.

PM points to communism's defeat

The Prime Minister also said that working together the US/UK partnership along with Western Europe had also demonstrated to the world the value of a free open democratic societies and eventually defeated Communism not by armed might but by showing how much better is was to live and work in an open society governed not by an elite, but by the people themselves.

Communism was defeated not with military might but "by ideas."

The new Prime Minister also called on the new US Trump administration to join with the UK in again “picking up the mantle” of freedom and helping to spread it around the world once again.

PM on terrorism

On terrorism, which has caused so much carnage and fear in the UK and Europe as well as in the United States, the Prime Minister said that until we kill the ideology behind it merely killing the fighters themselves won’t end terrorism around the world.

Today British and American governments are today “working together to defeat this evil ideology.”

Ultimately we must employ all avenues from military solutions to Syria to the ideological battle.

All of this is just days after world-wide demonstrations calling on the new President to rethink some of his announced priorities.