With the U.S elections well underway with extensive media coverage including T.V advertisement hype, talk shows featuring the candidates and constant internet presence; is it high time we question the methodology this ‘election’ is using to promote and the authenticity of the information we are receiving? It seems to me the glamor of the reality T.V lifestyle is becoming the primary aesthetic for the candidate's media presence as opposed to them knuckling down and taking things a little bit more seriously in, what is undoubtedly, a direction changing direction they will be bringing the United States.

The roasting

Should we really be condoning shows such as tonight’s airing of “The Roast of Donald Trump” on Comedy Central, a channel famous for standup comedians to showcase their comedic prowess as opposed to political debate? I understand trump is attempting to reach out to a wider audience, but with the times as they are, I cannot shake the feeling that he should be participating in what is essentially a comedy act. A leader, especially of one of the highest superpowers in the world, should, in my opinion, be discussing his political campaign, explaining their plan to decrease the wage gap between the rich and poor, poverty and unemployment. The three examples stated are but three of the twelve highest polled issues that the American people themselves have defined as the countries main issues, unemployment reaching %19 as the worst issue they face according to Gallop polls.


The advert aired on Comedy Central included a series of explosions, election-related talk shows and including a clip from a recent Southpark episode that, as always, mocks the election as a whole. Who can blame them? They are practically making themselves into a laughing stock by using their celebrity status as a tool to success in politics.

The advert compared U.S elections to the mundane process of UK elections, juxtaposing this adrenalin-fueled show with a line of British voters awaiting their turn to vote at a ballot box.


Perhaps I am being overly pessimistic. If this display works for the American people then I say by all means continue. Sure politics in this country is somewhat bland in comparison, although I will maintain that politicians here upholding a certain level of professionalism and setting their primary focus upon issues regarding the countries prosperity is a better method of relaying their policies than boosting their celebrity status on television shows.

I can see that Donald Trump has made the effort to discuss some issues regarding the countries direction, however, it seems as though every news story is tainted with an air of controversy between Hillary and Trump or unnecessary hype in the form of racism, anti-Semitic comment or some performance act with a monkey.