Paul Nutall is officially the new face of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Nigel Farage is now stepping down with the 39-year-old Member of the European Parliament succeeding him after serving Ukip as a deputy leader.

Major victory

Contending against Suzanne Williams, Peter Whittle and John Reese-Evans Mr. Nutall won with 62.6%, large support amongst the members of the party, that is a total of 9,622 votes which obliterates the opposing candidates. Ms. Evans came in second with 19.3% (a total of 2,973 votes) and Mr. Reese-Evans come in at third on 18.1% (a total of 2,775 votes).

Out with the old and in with the new

Mr. Farage bowed out and reflected on the achievements of the party in his run as the leader saying that Credit has been a form of "inspiration" to President-Elect Donald Trump. "It is Brexit that directly led to Donald Trump taking the Presidency. We were the inspiration for much of that..." "We have shifted the centre of gravity of British Politics and that is quite an achievement."

Future of UKIP

Mr. Nutall was already considered as the candidate most likely to garner this level of support for Leave amongst Labour party working-class strongholds.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, he mentioned that he has hopes to widen the numbers of the membership and triple the numbers of the part forming a 100,000 sized movement.

The man himself also sets his goal to stand out from his predecessor, saying that: "The next leader of UKIP will still be photograp..hed with a pint in hand. It will just be a pint of Guinness, not warm beer. I am a pub person. Nigel and I have been drinking for years. People probably have seen us pint in hand together, but I will cultivate my own image."

This suggests that the new leader will bring his own brand of politics into the role, maybe even a new direction.

UKIP might finally shed away it's ladish image with Farage stepping down.

Mr. Nutall also will take advantage of the new US connection Mr. Farage formed with President-Elect Trump, stating that "He struck gold. (Nigel) was the only mainstream British politician who backed Donald Trump against the grain. He's the only one it seems who's got the real connection into the President-Elect administration.

If I was the government I'd use him.'

US and UK relations

The intent here is clear, UKIP may intend to be the catalyst for US and UK relations moving forward with Nigel Farage possibly becoming the liaison with his new formed relations to Donald Trump.