At least 147 people - mainly students - have been killed and many more injured after Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked a University in Kenya. The terrorists launched the attack early Thursday morning as hundreds of students were sleeping on campus at Garissa University College in north-eastern Kenya.

Kenyan military and police have surrounded the university, where the terrorists have taken a number of students hostage. The BBC said that the group told them they were singling out Christian students, and letting Muslims go. At least 15 Muslim students had been freed.

The Interior Ministry announced that they had managed to corner the terrorists in one of the four 'hostels'. In a series of tweets, they also said to have arrested a terrorist, as he tried to flee the scene earlier today. Over 500 students still remain unaccounted for, as members of Kenya's National Security Committee meet to discuss the ongoing attack.

President Uhuru Kenyatta condemned the attack in an address to the nation. He also said that the people of Kenya had to be "vigilant" in the wake of the attack. His government has also named an individual they believe to be responsible for the Garissa attack, as Mohamed Kuno, and are offering a £36,000 reward for information which leads to him being captured.

The university campus housed around 800 students. The terrorists gained access by shooting dead two security guards at the gates of the compound. It is still unknown how many terrorists are involved. It is not yet known how many students were actually on campus at the time of the attack.

Witnesses said they heard a hail of gunfire, which sounded like "fireworks." The terrorists were initially shooting indiscriminately before asking students to identify their Religion.

One witness told the BBC that Christians were 'shot dead' while Muslims were let go.

Kenyan Red Cross teams have been in the area all day and are assisting with helping those injured and students who have been evacuated. President Kenyatta has ordered 10,000 police recruits to begin training immediately, as the nation faces a security crisis