It was the shocking report that shocked no-one. The 5000 word report on the practices of the CIA, much of which has been redacted and will never see the light of day, was exposed amidst much fainting of surprise and revulsion. We have known about these practices for years. Why are we kidding ourselves?

Perhaps the revulsion is in part due to the utter depravity of the methods used. Suffice it to say they are utterly horrific and the detail can be found elsewhere with ease. But it is testament to the level of desensitisation in today´s society that this is considered shocking while the perpetration of a war in the middle east which regularly kills hundreds is passed of at a glance.

Without a doubt the activities of ´terrorists´are just as brutal. The recent beheadings of US and British citizens are just one example. But does this justify the means enacted? Does it justify the orchestration of a network of brutality in the pursuit of the modern day myth that is ´national security´.

So in the wake of the report why aren't we talking about sanctioning the US? Or even the officials in charge of the CIA operation? Only this week the US has announced it is placing further sanctions against Venezuela, a long-time adversary of the West. The South American country is being charged with suppressing democratic anti-government protests. In a statement a Washington representative stated; "We have not and will not remain silent in the face of Venezuelan government actions that violate human rights and fundamental freedoms and deviate from well-established democratic norms." (emphasis added).

If we simply trade out Venezuelan for the US would anyone be surprised if this statement was made by say the UN, or the World Court?

Of course, such a suggestion is tantamount to heresy in today's political climate where the indoctrination of a population is very nearly complete. What they do to us is much worse than anything we could ever, ever do to them.

We flatten cities, bomb schools, spirit individuals away to face a living hell in all corners of the globe and pursue this noble cause under the safeguard of promoting democracy abroad or gaining enhanced security for ourselves.

It is quite reasonable to suggest that the US and it´s allies are the rogue powers of today. They have committed abysmal atrocities for decades.

The CIA report told us nothing new. Rather it is a confirmation of a state of affairs that has been allowed to go on unrestrained, and will probably be allowed to do so in the future. That the perpetrators of these crimes will go unpunished is the true injustice. But the US administration doesn't play by the rules anymore, we are all under its gaze, we are all living under its hegemonic reign of terror.