It all started with The Interview, a Film by Sony pictures about a duo who run a television show. After discovering a fan of the show is Kim Jong Un, the CIA turn the duo's trip to meet him into an assassination effort. Since the release, Sony Pictures has been pressured by hacker threats to rebuke the film: which they have to an extent done so; against the wishes of their President, Barack Obama. In a statement released by Obama, he stated: "I would have told them: do not get into the pattern in which you are intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks."

He went on to say that by pulling the film, Kim Jong Un has been given a sort of dictatorship, and his opinions should not affect those of other countries.

He also stressed clearly that this mess was not an act of war from either side.

However the comments coming through from Kim Jong Un have been an absolute disgrace. Recently, he expressed a racist remark about Obama: "Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds, like a monkey in a tropical forest." This sort of language and attitude from a world leader shows an absolute lack of decorum. He is conceivably presenting himself as a malicious and deluded criminal.

After the film was released online, funnily enough by some freak coincidence, the whole of North Korea's internet system went down. Kim Jong Un's representatives blamed this on the US government, which the FBI have denied. It seems pretty likely that coming from a controlled nation, where citizens have to choose from 28 haircuts chosen by Kim Jong Un, that he would want it off the internet so that his people could not see what the Western world may think of his leadership.

He has also expressed fears that hard copies of the film may be snuck in from China.

David Cameron expressed his opinion on the decision Sony made to pull the movie. His point was that freedom of speech is of very high importance, and that no one should be 'shy' in defending it.

Kim Jong Un forgets that we have freedom of speech in this part of the world, and by insulting in such a distasteful way, he has given us yet more proof of how moronic and hideous he is as a representative of his country. He is bringing shame on the people of North Korea and himself. All we can hope now, is that this issue does not continue to develop, for the safety of Korean and US people.