As much as we all take pride in saying that we are book lovers, bibliophiles, even intellectuals, the truth is that none of us can actually resist to the temptation of a good movie, or a videogame; so simpler, and less of a mental challenge. Let’s face it, these are the days where people tend to choose what’s easier, quicker, and especially those things that do not require our brain to be much involved. So when we first hear that one of the most complicated, and illustrious authors of the century’s short stories have been adapted to a videogame, “Memoranda”, the first question that comes in mind is: Will this videogame switch the focus from the most acclaimed Haruki Murakami’s Books; or will it be the reason why people will keep their interest in them; by giving the readers a more real, and close feeling of what they have been creating in their minds for the past years?

Murakami himself has not yet given an opinion on the matter, as he is one of the most unreachable authors, at least when the press is knocking.

Memoranda, creation of a team formed by four people called the Bit Byterz, include 20 of Murakami’s short stories. What they all have in common? They are lost. The characters have all lost something, even their own name, and to help them it will be necessary to solve puzzles, some easier than others. The game is inspired by the 2D Videogames of the old days; in fact it consists in a simple point, and click. The team has been working for a while, and now is ready to share their ‘baby’ with the world, and are seeking funding on Kickstarter. The game, or at least for now the idea of it, seems to be getting its audience excited, and in a state of frenzy.

Leaving everyone with the same question on their minds: when will I be able to play with it?

A date has yet to be established, and it all depends on the generosity that the team will find on Kickstarter’s website. The art of the game is somewhat spectacular, and the idea it is based on is clever; it may not take a very long time to be released, the team hope to be able to do so by December, ready to be wrapped as a Christmas gift.

For the videogame community this might be a great addition; the fact that Bit Byterz want to go back to the roots of what once was considered to be videogame playing; although it may negatively affect the book industry once again. Book reading is unfortunately a lost art; many have turned their backs to the practice, and some have never even got to experience the beauty of immerging themselves in a novel.

Nowadays, it is more likely to be seen with your phone, computer, and tablet in your hand around the city, and even when we are reading a ‘book’; it is probably from an e-book. It does not come as a shock when we hear things such as the publishing industry is in crisis, or books will soon disappear. This phenomenon could may be pinned to the appearance of videogames/television, and everything related to technology; therefore is Memoranda going to affect Murakami’s readers?

What ‘concerns’ me most is the fact that on the one hand I could not be more excited for the videogame, and to finally be able to see his world; on the other hand, the world that is represented in the videogame is just, yet, another interpretation of what the author describes so perfectly in his books.

Personally, I have created my own world, especially when it comes to Murakami’s books. It took quite a while to imagine a something that could never be real, but at the same time, while reading the novels, felt as tangible as reality itself. The only way it will be possible to answer this kind of question, is to wait until the videogame is released to the world, and then we will be able to distinguish true bookworms, to serial readers.