BORIS JOHNSON’s handling of the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been an absolute disaster yet there has been very little reporting on the subject. In fact, it has been mostly buried and only brought up again when Iran issue more threats of further action against her when Iranian officials and UK officials plan to meet.

There are some important questions to ask and yet no-one is really asking them, apart from the few more obscure or less mainstream outlets. The constant failings for two years by the British government underlines the omnishambles at the very heart of government.

Why is Zaghari-Ratcliffe still detained?

The main question is why is there such a lack of transparency from the government? This is key to keep the public informed over what is going on and what the government are actually doing to aide her release. Why has there been continued failures by the British government to secure vital information on the charges against Zaghari-Ratcliffe, information that could have aided her release?

Whilst the information that is known points towards her innocence, there must remain a degree of scepticism so that all the questions have been asked and all the information has been gathered to determine definitively who was in the right. For instance, if we assume that Nazanin is innocent, where is the evidence from the government to prove this?

The charges still remain and the Foreign Office have claimed her to be a political prisoner, surely if she is being detained with no evidence or there is evidence otherwise, international law should apply.

I am not saying that she is in anyway not innocent, but the last question must be raised as it further highlights the ineptitude of the British government when in comes to foreign policy.