US President Donald Trump has once again gone after retail giant Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos for pulling all the tricks and exploiting all the loopholes in the book in order to pay as little tax as possible. While it can be easy to side with anyone who’s not on the controversial President’s side, no one should be jumping to support Amazon, because they have been avoiding tax and they have pulled a major screwjob on the US Postal Service, so they’re not perfect either.

Trump has violated the US democracy

The impartial and democratic nature of the United States government has been compromised in a major way by Trump’s latest tweet storm, in which he has attacked Amazon for their business practices.

As the leader of this nation (and the leader of the free world, technically), it is not Trump’s place to openly criticise a company, especially when it stems from a personal feud with its CEO.

Trump has criticised the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, of covering stories about Amazon in a biased and favourable light. By going after the free press, Trump has again violated the so-called democracy of America. An adviser should have told him not to do this, but clearly they didn’t. But still, what he’s saying about Amazon is true, and accordingly, they shouldn’t be supporting in this.