Yes, he did it again. Donald Trump could not help himself and one wonders how such a successful businessman, the most powerful person in the world, could be so easily hurt. He was giving a speech in Cincinnati Ohio touting his tax reform when he veered off script and said what was really on his mind. He was visibly upset and hurt that Democrats did not applaud him during his State of the Union address so he called their lack of enthusiasm treason and un-American. It is true that perhaps all presidents and leaders secretly crave adoration, recognition and the occasional pat on the shoulder but how needy does one have to be to be so transparent about these needs and desires?

And the crowd went wild

The crowd went wild, crazy except for the Democrats. In his speech promoting Republican mid-term candidates and the GOP tax plan, Donald Trump expressed his ire that most Democrats sat stone-faced while the room went wild. He was referring to the dutiful applause of Republicans in response to his speech while the other half was not equally moved to cheer.

He recounted his traumatic experience in vivid detail. The room was going totally crazy and everyone was loving it, they wanted to do something great for the country but the other side would have none of it – instead they were like 'death' he said. He went on to call their behaviour un-American. Then someone in the crowd put the word right in Trump's mouth – treasonous!

He responded why not and yes we can call it treason since they didn't seem to love the country.

Was he joking?

A firestorm of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans followed the 'treason comments'. While most Republicans chose to ignore Donald Trump's attack on the Democrats for not showering him with the adulation he thinks he deserves, there were a few who were critical of his remarks but many of his staunch supporters defended him; some calling it a joke even before the White House declared it was just joking.

The soon- to- be retired Republican Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake did not hesitate to denounce Donald Trump's comments saying that treason is not a punchline and that he did not accept the excuse that it was a joke. He said an applause means you agree with an idea and is not the same as loyalty to a country. Illinois Democrat Sen, Tammy Duckworth reminded everyone via Twitter that we do not live in a dictatorship.

She said his remarks were un-American, particularly since he dodged the draft for minor bone spurs. Certainly not the kind of person who should be talking about patriotism.

A history of outrageous name calling

Donald Trump is not particularly prudent when it comes to name calling and smearing his opponents. He has called his former trusted advisor Steve Bannon 'sloppy Steve' and how can we forget his pet names for Marco Rubio (Little Marco) and for Ted Cruz (Lyin' Ted ) during his election campaign. Hilary Clinton became (Crooked Hilary) and Obama was deemed the founder of ISIS. His name calling has even gone international with North Korea's leader being referred to as 'Rocket Man'