They say you need a thick skin to survive in politics. Harold Wilson also said a week is a long time in politics. In an age of social media trolls, those sayings are now true more than ever. As mentioned earlier, Jeremy Corbyn has encouraged a nasty political culture in a social media age that provides a voice for his loyal followers, who use Twitter to bully moderate Labour MPs out of the Labour Party.

"A thick skin is needed in politics to a greater extent today"

A thick skin is needed in politics to a greater extent today. Cowards use fake social media accounts to intimidate people for their views, and in Stella Creasy's case, she fell victim to this culture in the space of one day on December 27th 2017.

She was bombarded with tweets from pro-Corbyn blog The Skwawkbox requesting that she justify herself for attending a music concert with Conservative MPs. Alongside that, she was approached on the same day by anonymous Twitter accounts labelling her as a Blairite and one went even as far as referencing her as a 'skid-mark.' If Wilson felt like a week was a long time in politics then, he probably would've said a day is a long time in politics in today's political environment.

What makes Ms Creasy's incident worse is that Momentum trolls attempted to victimise her during Christmas. Christmas is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends and switch off from politics. For many Corbynistas, they clearly do not know how to rest during this time of year.

They tried to ruin the Labour MP's Christmas by approaching her for comment on a libellous article with no public interest.

"Ms Creasy has nothing to feel guilty about"

Ms Creasy had nothing to feel guilty about by spending her free time with MPs who oppose her views. She is even open-minded to the idea of cross-party cooperation.

Many Corbynistas forget it is possible to be friends, or to even marry, someone with opposite opinions to them. But don't hold your breath if you are anticipating Mr. Corbyn will condemn his loyal followers' behaviour.

Stella Creasy deserves credit for defending herself against these nasty trolls. Regardless of one's views, it is time to join together in 2018 to end this despicable culture. There is no room or no excuse for it. At least Ms Creasy did not allow these vile activists to ruin her Christmas.