THE CONSERVATIVE government face increasing pressure over the NHS winter crisis after Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, accidentally admitted in a Tweet that the NHS was within a Current winter crisis. This admission comes midst the Conservative rhetoric that states the NHS receives 'more funding' and is 'better prepared than ever'. The admission undermines the fact that Hunt went onto Newsnight and was adamant that there was no winter crisis.

Since 2010, the standards of the NHS have been rapidly slipping due to chronic underfunding and the increase of privatisation within the Health Service.

These moves are deliberate and ideological driven.

Privatising the health service

Since 2010, the Conservatives have taken the best health service in the world and driven it to the point where doctors are describing conditions as “hellish” and apologising for the “3rd world state of hospitals”. The UN have previously described the current issues as a humanitarian crisis and the IMF recently stated that if the government wanted to meet its targets for the UK economy, they would have to privatise the health service under current economic policy.

Jeremy Hunt is also the co-author of a book that describes how to privatise the health service in the UK, which includes deliberate underfunding. The idea behind Conservative policy on the health service is ideologically driven and designed for the eventual collapse of the NHS.

This will leave it open for privatisation and create a profit-driven health service over patient care, affecting the poorest in society.

The attack on the poorest in society is a systemic decision by the government and has been British economic fascist policy for the last 100+ years, with Attlee and Wilson perhaps providing some semblance of humanity during their times in office.

Continued severe cutbacks of welfare, the elitist appointment of Toby Young as Conservative university advisor (who described disabled people as “illiterate troglodytes”), the cutting of police, education and the NHS, extending surveillance powers and the multiple times Whitehall has 'lost' historical documents that often highlight the atrocities committed by the British government throughout history, are deliberate acts to keep people in poverty and under control. They are systemically creating a fascist state through the dogma of austerity and Conservative economic policy, this is economic fascism.