It's a Wonderful Life directed by Frank Capra, is a film revered by critics and Christmas enthusiasts alike as a seminal piece of cinema for the holidays. The story follows George Bailey, played by the iconic and masterful James Stewart, as we see his life from childhood to adulthood through the watchful eyes of his Guardian Angel - who is being sent to save Bailey from himself and earn his wings.

Before now I had not actually seen It's a Wonderful Life, instead, my holiday movie time is possed by your pedestrian classics like 'Home Alone' (Dir.

Columbus. 1990) and left field picks like 'Die Hard' (Dir. McTiernan. 1988) - which yes totally is a Christmas movie! (but that's a debate for another article) Sure they tackle your Christmas needs for a good time and to see John McClane say "Yippie Kay Yay Mother f..." but they don't quite reach the heights that It's a Wonderful Life clearly does. I have to acknowledge that it is deeply moving, I'd be lying if I said there were dry eyes watching this for the first time and feeling rather glum this Christmas, it was the perfect recipe for a pick me up and an injection of festive spirit.

Not all Doom and Gloom

While It's a Wonderful Life does display quite a bit of gloom over the course of the film, we watch all of George's hopes and dreams for his life, for the most part, crumble in front of him as he is always being caught in a position of pursuing his dreams and compassionately staying for the good of the people there.

Even his honeymoon is cut for the benefit of the town. It's truly heartbreaking to see his dreams cut short always because of his compassion, it does not even net him anything of value. However, what we get in return is a very resonating and true to life story about why you don't have to have luxury and riches to be happy and have a fulfilling life.

It's exactly this real, yet utterly sweet endearing tale that makes this an incredible feel-good film that is perfect for the holidays.

When I think about Christmas (and I hope you all feel the same), I think of relationships, time with those you want close to you. I feel like in the end that is what Christmas is about and this film does brilliantly to capture that togetherness, pulling at your heartstrings without seeming phoney or unpure.

It's small-town dreamer realising that we all are worth the time and have something to contribute, who cannot resonate with that, who doesn't want to be told they are special too. It's a Wonderful Life really is the perfect injection of festive spirit and a feel-good pick me up and with the way 2017 has been - who couldn't use one of those. You are seriously missing out if this is not part of your holiday time ritual.