Wales has always been a Labour stronghold. Since the Labour Party was created, they have gradually succeeded the former Liberal Party as the natural party for a predominantly left-wing nation. The overwhelming majority of MPs Wales sends to Westminster are Labour and the Additional Members System used to elect Welsh Assembly Members (AMs) also allows this party to dominate Welsh politics. Since 1999, Labour has always been the largest party in the National Assembly for Wales.

"When a party remains in government for too long, they become arrogant and complacent"

When a party remains in government for too long, they become arrogant and complacent, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the current First Minister for Wales, Carwyn Jones. The way he has behaved since succeeding Wales' previous first minister, Rhodri Morgan, in 2009, is disgusting. Mr. Jones is guilty of proceeding of a culture of bullying and abuse that allowed Carl Sargeant to take his own life this year. The recollections of former minister Leighton Andrews prove this.

Mr. Andrews recalls how he attempted to address bullying in Cardiff Bay with Mr. Jones in 2014, but he was ignored. He also recorded how Carl Sargeant was the target of a campaign of abuse and harassment that contributed towards his suicidal death earlier this year.

Former aide Steve Jones also tried to force the First Minister to listen with little success.

"Any honourable politician would resign during an event like this"

Perhaps this explains why the First Minister was quick to whip his party and cabinet into voting against a Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister. It is clear Mr.

Jones has something to hide. Any honourable politician would resign during an event like this and allow justice to proceed. Sadly, the people of Wales may never know the truth of what happened in Cardiff Bay during the years prior to Mr. Sargeant's death. What makes this matter worse is that Mr. Sargeant's family, the ones suffering the most, may never know how his tragic death was brought about.

Wales is Labour's power-base. The First Minister is aware that as long as the majority of Welsh people vote for his party, he will get re-elected, no matter what. Mr. Jones takes this country entirely for granted, for reasons mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, the Welsh people are denying themselves the opportunity for something better due to their tribal loyalties.