I recently graduated from University having studied for 3 years. These years consisted of lots of Hard Work, lots of socialising with new people, and lots of experience in living alone which included dealing with budgeting and dealing with countless bills. University is an excellent platform aboard which to learn to live as an adult and I truly believe that I did a lot of growing up whilst I was there, despite realising mid-way through that I was not a fan of my course. Eventually, and I'd like to think inevitably, I joined others in my year and graduated from University with a grade that I am happy with and this meant that it was time to seek Employment in order to begin the next exciting chapter of my life.

However, It became highly and alarmingly apparent that this would not be at all easy and would very quickly become an issue that would have to be overcome.

Graduate Seeking Work

After 8 weeks so far of job seeking, I have noticed that many employers seem to value experience over ability, passion, education, and qualification which I believe is extremely unfair and biased and a rather poor decision, regardless of how widely accepted it is. As a young man of 21, I have very limited experience as I have spent my life so far in education and only worked in very small doses which were entirely unrelated to the path that interests me as a career and which are subsequently irrelevant. I see this as a problem which must be addressed by employers with the intention to rectify it.

How can me and my peers gain experience without being given a fair chance by those further ahead in life?

I am aware that this is not brand new information to most people but it is evidence of yet another individual, myself, struggling to be employed by employers and being discriminated against due to my age. I truly believe that being dismissed due to lack of employment experience is a ridiculous reason.

Most of the young people in my age group of around 18-25 have been encouraged to further themselves through education and it is a cold awakening to discover that employers value experience over education in the saturated market. In July 2016, The Guardian found that thousands of graduates were working in jobs that didn't require any qualifications as they could not get into the field that they had set their sights on, probably since the age of 16, leaving them with massive debt and, not only a very expensive piece of paper,but a redundant degree as they did not even need the years of hard work.

Therefore, I would like to thank the coordinators of Blasting news UK for this opportunity to write as I am finding it most exhilarating and thank you, the readers, for reading my research and opinions.