The title is based on the brilliant movie with Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller "We Need to Talk About Kevin." The story is about a troubled teenager, Kevin Khatchadourian (Miller), who, one day, takes a gun and begins to shoot everyone at his school. When he finishes the massacre, the police arrest him and take him to prison. His mother, Eva (Swinton), looks back at her memories when Kevin was a child and trys to understand what went wrong and why her boy did something like that. Can you see the parallel story here?

Imagine Europe as the school, Europe which is Winston Churchill, Joseph Bech, Robert Schuman, and the other fellows imagined.

They wanted a Union based on respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. These used to be the European Union’s fundamental values. Well, now imagine contemporary European leaders as Kevin. They have the gun and they start shooting democracy. The gun changes every time. There is the machine gun which kills people with austerity and cruel measures in favor of global corporations. There is the machete, which kills people with Police Violence every time they protest about something. Have you made the match or you need more help? Ok, let’s examine certain examples.

Kevin took his gun

It does not matter if you are left or right winged; the only thing that matters is to live with dignity.

Politicians who controlled the last few years Europe, forced southern countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece to take measures such as pension cuts, public spending cuts, and more recession for everyone. Also, they convince local politicians to sell pieces of lands, airports, public services, and everything which was profitable.

What is the result? If you check the Eurostat’s graphs you will realize that the result is suicides, poverty, and injustice. I forgot to mention that banks and big corporations are richer after these ‘reforms.’ They called all these cruel measures ‘reforms’ in order to make people believe that this is the only way. So, you already have Kevin with his gun.

Kevin in the school

It does not matter if you are in favor of Catalonia independency; the only thing that matters is to have your beliefs and be able to protest about them. Police enforcement to beat citizens is not a ‘European’ image. Skirmishes between local people and the police are what everyone saw the last few days in Spain. There is a prime minister, who declined any conversation with these people, his government suffers from corruption, and he took cruel ‘reforms’. Now, you have Kevin in the school, killing his fellow students.

Students are dead

It does not matter if you are a Christian or a Muslim; the only thing that matters is to have a home, live in peace, and feel safe. Solidarity used to be a key term in Europe.

However, leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland decided not only to not help Italy with the refugee crisis, but they closed their borders. They left people to die outside these borders, and they said a big ‘no’ to sharing the burden. Can you see students’ corpses around the school?

The point is that if European leaders continue these policies, one thing is sure; that there will be no Europe in the future. It is high time for these politicians to change the course of the boat. It is time to bring more democracy and more solidarity. Eva represents the future leaders. They won’t be able to understand why nowadays European leaders allow this situation to destroy the Union. What do we prefer? A Miller with a gun, or a Miller doing his homework and eating dinner with his mother?