Lambeth residents have suffered at the hands of Labour's incompetence for too long. As Councillor Tim Briggs, Leader of Lambeth Council's Conservative Group disclosed to Blasting News, the London council has become a one-party state. There is no way to hold the council accountable for its consistent failings over the years.

A council that has utterly failed its taxpayers by squandering money on propaganda

Councillor Briggs disclosed to Blasting News that Lambeth's library is being transformed into a new leisure facility and a reopened library with a drastically reduced service.

The Brixton Buzz reported earlier this year that Councillor Sonia Winifred, Lambeth's Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture, blamed central government for Carnegie Library's closure. However, an open letter which was printed by the Brixton Buzz, revealed that Lambeth Council received enough money to retain its library service and that its decision to close this facility had nothing to do with government cuts. Turning the library into a leisure centre is nothing more than a bid designed to generate income for a council that has utterly failed its taxpayers by squandering money on propaganda.

Labour has taken Lambeth for granted. A source disclosed to Blasting News that Irfan Mohammed, a Labour candidate for the Ferndale ward on Lambeth Council, tweeted a picture of Theresa May standing in front of Ed Miliband's infamous campaign stone from the 2015 General Election, except the writing on the original stone was replaced with fictional Tory pledges to kill disabled people, poor people and other ludicrous claims.

This is inappropriate behaviour for a local election candidate, but perhaps he feels he will still get re-elected because Lambeth residents always vote for the Labour Party regardless.

The Conservative Party's intention is to lift people out of poverty

When Lambeth votes for which party will govern them next year, they should choose the Conservatives.

Throughout the nation, Conservative councils have a consistent record of delivering efficient services at a low cost to taxpayers. For decades, Labour-run Lambeth Council has squandered people's cash and ruled the London borough like a one-party state. They have removed local services without having to, despite having the funds to keep them open.

Conservatives believe in excellent services and low taxes. The Conservative Party's intention is to lift people out of poverty and create wealth and equality of opportunity for everybody, regardless of their background. If neighbouring Wandsworth can achieve that, why can't Lambeth?

Next year, this London borough should oust this incompetent council and replace it with a party who will not cause Lambeth to become the 22nd poorest place in the country to live.