What is so ridiculous about the EU's threat to strip the rights of 1.2 million British citizens residing in Europe is that they are purposefully discriminating against a set of citizens who have lived and worked in the continent for a considerable period of time. They are playing Politics with the rights of UK citizens. Yet Theresa May has guaranteed that those 3 million EU citizens who relocated to Britain prior to Article 50 being triggered and the date the UK formally leaves the trading bloc. The sheer hypocrisy of the EU knows no bounds.

'The only one playing politics with people's lives is the European Parliament.'

The difference between the UK post-Brexit and the EU is that the British Government intends to legislate for measures to curb the numbers of immigrants entering this country after we leave the trading bloc, whenever that might be. It is no secret immigration was the deciding factor that contributed towards Vote Leave's victory last year. Many of those who Mrs May referred to as those who are 'Just About Managing' (JAMs) have felt the true impact of the EU's decisions. The unregulated free movement of workers has added pressures to our health service, schools and housing market. The land capacity of Britain is considerably smaller than that of Europe's.

It is understandable why it is vital the UK regains control of its borders post-Brexit.

Yet the EU will maintain the same set of rules it has always had prior to Brexit. The Schengen Agreement will remain intact and the free movement of workers and people will prevail. But a small section of Europe's population, which has lived in and contributed towards the economies of numerous EU nations, may be discriminated against just because their country of origin has chosen to control its borders. Sorry, Mr. Starmer, the only one playing politics with people's lives is the European Parliament.