When Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party in 2015, many members who elected him celebrated that 'they had finally got their party back.' They thought this man would restore their party's position as a truly left-wing party. Those who voted for him cannot remember the disastrous 1983 election under Michael Foot when the party moved so far to the left that they suffered an embarrassing defeat.

Considering he has consistently failed to unite the Parliamentary Labour Party behind him, it 's unbelievable that he has come this far within less than two years.

However, Mr Corbyn has had two fortunate factors behind him: a loyal party membership and this year's general election.

The former was proven last year when bumbling Owen Smith attempted to overthrow him as Labour leader due to his failure to convince the majority of British electors to vote to remain within the European Union. What happened instead was that he was restored to power with a margin similar to his 2015 victory. And he was surprisingly lucky during the latter, as he won more seats than expected.

He was going to restore honesty back to politics

But what has happened under Mr Corbyn's leadership has made the Miliband years, and Gordon Brown's premiership seems like the 'golden years.' Many view the Labour leader as a decent, authentic chap who was going to restore honesty back to politics.

Many people have confirmed he is a decent chap, but authentic and honest he may well not be.

Last year, he was caught out lying that a Virgin train he used was full and that he had to sit on the floor. But Sir Richard Branson leaked footage proving that there were plenty of seats. But that is not the only time he has been exposed.

Many students believed Mr Corbyn would eradicate student debt from September should he become prime minister after this year's general election. In recent weeks, he was caught on The Andrew Marr Show saying that was not what he wanted to do.

He is neither authentic nor honest

The same dishonesty applies to his views on Brexit.

Mr Corbyn has spent his entire political career criticising the EU. When he threw his support behind the Remain campaign last year, it was incredibly difficult for him to passionately argue that Britain should retain its membership of the trading bloc. This footage, which was revealed by Latin American broadcaster Telesur, shows that his position has not changed since the 1970s. It is strangely ironic that he has support from so many millennials when he is so Eurosceptic. It is evident he is neither authentic nor honest.

Jeremy Corbyn is no different to the man he has opposed the most: Tony Blair. Like the latter, he is willing to sell the British people lies just to win power.