All Conservatives throughout the United Kingdom owe the Democratic Unionist Party a huge debt of gratitude. Only days ago was Jeremy Corbyn bragging that he will become Prime Minister in 6 months' time at Glastonbury and gloating that he can easily overthrow the Government during the Queen's Speech Debate. In yesterday's vote in the House of Commons, the DUP banded together with the Tories and provided them with a majority of 14 to defeat Labour's amendment on scrapping the public sector pay cap. The Government managed to accumulate 323 MPs in support of its measure to defeat Mr.

Corbyn, whereas the latter succeeded in gaining votes from 309 MPs.

'The hypocrisy of the left seems to know no bounds.'

Of course, there is no denying this is not the general election outcome many Conservatives wanted. But already, the DUP have proven to be indispensable allies to the Government and long may this alliance endure as long as it stops Mr. Corbyn from walking into 10 Downing Street. For all of Tim Farron's calls on the Tories' desperation to fund Northern Ireland to keep them in power, thanks to DUP MP Nigel Dodds it is no longer a secret that both Labour and the SNP held talks with the Northern Irish party to form a coalition and outnumber the Tories. Why do you remain silent on this then, Mr.

Farron?The hypocrisy of the left seems to know no bounds. And with Mr. Corbyn's proposal for a magic money tree, there is no doubt he would have offered Northern Ireland even more cash to win power than the fiscally-sound Tories did.

This is proving to be the beginning of a beneficial arrangement and let us hope it lingers until Brexit is finished and then into 2022 to prove Mrs May can deliver strong and stable leadership after all.