Did anyone else see the poem Tony Walsh read out during tributes to the victims of the Manchester attacks? It was brilliant. He captured the resilience and bravery of an iconic and historic British city whilst reading out his passionate poem in response to this cowardly event. I was so moved and the overwhelming solidarity so many Brits have shown since the attacks has been remarkable. I am so proud to be British because of it. Who do ISIS terrorists think they are by bombing a concert full of innocent children? Manchester has survived so much and they will not surrender to 'evil losers', as President Trump referred to them as.

This is a city that has been on the receiving end of countless terrorist atrocities, particularly from the IRA. It endured the Manchester Martyrs, an arson in 1920, a series of explosions in 1939, the Blitz and the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, two IRA bombs in 1992 and the 1996 Manchester bombing. And yet, every time this industrial magnet has persevered. I will not say people must go on, for that would be insensitive to those who have lost so much already. But ISIS is mistaken if they truly believe one city can be cowed and intimidated by their calculated bombings intended to disrupt life as we know it.

They have not succeeded, and if history is to teach us anything, they never, ever will.

These moments test our strength as a nation, and Britain has remained defiant. The whole world has united behind this island. We must not allow these cowards to alter our way of life and prevent us from enjoying every minute of it. Terrorism never wins.