The French Presidential election hopefuls hit the campaign trail for the final time today and with the choice of Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen, they don’t offer the substantial change France necessarily once. However, Macron does offer better continuity and ideas that could benefit France immeasurably. Le Pen offers a regressive regime that is fuelled by fear and hate of anything other than French culture. Macron may not be the perfect candidate but he offers more stability and better policies.

Le Pen has been smart with her campaign by appealing to the sense of pride in the nation you come from, but converting a wider audience and changing the image of the National Front.

Changing face not substance

Le Pen though has done little to change her own views and since has stepped down as leader of the National Front. This move could have been positive however, Macron himself has created his own political party to stand in the election after he stepped down from his position in the government. The move away from well-known parties proves that France wants change but whether they will get the change they desire is unknown but also unlikely.

No matter what happens though, the left need to unite behind Macron because Le Pen’s core views are racist and far-right. The National Front have always been known as a fascist political party and just like in 2002, the country needs to unite behind the only option of Macron to give their motto true meaning, Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité.